Beautiful Gold Chiavari Chairs at the Grosse Pointe Park in Grosse Pointe, MI.

Nikki & Dane said…

There are certain key moments to a wedding day in which the bride looks around, takes a deep breath in and sighs, exhaling so many emotions. I am happy to look back on my special day knowing all of those little moments were full of joy. I truly enjoyed the entire day of my wedding because after all my detailed preparation, my only job was to get pretty! I had confidence that everyone else was going to fulfill there roll in making our wedding day go just right. I was a little unsure about not seeing the reception hall prior to the big party, but I was confident I was in good hands with the Chiavari Chair Rental Company.

After our names were announced, we made our way in through the doors and found our seats. But, I couldn’t sit, I stood there in awe. I pulled my husband close to whisper in his ear ” Look at the room, it’s glowing.” I could not believe what a difference the golden Chiavari Chairs made! As I gazed at all the people I love, there was a warm golden glow beaming throughout the room coming from the beautiful Chiavari Chairs. It was truly a warm and fuzzy bride moment!

The Chiavari Chair Company is wonderful to work with! I was so impressed with how professional and helpful they are. Not only did they just deliver the chairs, but they actually improved the design of our reception room. Let me tell you how. Because I was not there for set-up I had no idea that the table lay-out I planned, would actually crowd my guests. Dennis and Miriam from the Chiavari Chair Rental slightly off-set the rows, making for easy chair access and beautiful flow of the overall room. I was so happy they were there to help!

I must mention that the reception hall we used, is a room my friends and family have had events in prior to my wedding. I worried that it wouldn’t be as memorable. However, many of my guest told me that our wedding was the best the room ever looked! They all agreed it was because of the Chiavari Chairs! Key moments to a happy wedding day definitely include the Chiavari Chair Rental Company!

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