Chiavari Chairs

There is a reason why the Chiavari Chair is so popular. Both sturdy and elegant, they offer comfort to your guests as well as create a gorgeous setting. It is the perfect chair for any special event.

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Placing Candelabras on a few tables in your venue, and shorter candle holders on the other tables, will add dimension to your room and raise the light in the room so that your guests will feel encircled in ambiance and warmth.

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Candle Holders

Candlelight is an essential aspect of any event. Use our variety of candle holders to give your room the warmth and ambiance it needs to feel romantic and special.

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Charger Plates

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Vases and Flower Stands

Flowers are always beautiful, but what makes them extra special is the vase that their in.

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Table Number Frames

Use these frames to indicate the numbers for each table. The number cards are included for each frame. You are also welcome to swap out the number card for your own.

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Manzanita Trees

Add some whimsy to your event with these Manzanita trees. They help bring the outside inside, in an elegant way. They have been a long-time favorite.

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Cake Stands

Just as it is with flowers and vases - cakes are beautiful, but the right cake stand will make your cake look extra special.

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Pick and choose your favorite decor from one collection, or mix and match any of our products to create a look that is uniquely you.